Get REWARDS every time you shop.
Never miss deals & offers at your favourite stores.

Store all your Cards in your mobile in One APP.

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A Smart way to flip over a smartphone into a virtual wallet!

STOP carrying lots of LOYALTY CARDS!


A simple tap does it.. NO HASSLE

Save Your
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while shopping with WINGGZ

WINGGZ Features

Rewards You Want

"Earn cool rewards from your favourite places & SAVE MONEY!"

No Extra Baggage

" All your loyalty Cards are in your mobile. Your wallet is CLUTTERFREE."

Access Your Rewards

"Know your total loyalty points, tally or total your rewards value at a GLANCE."

Discover new places

"Discover new places with the GREAT DEALS that they have to offer. "

Lost Or Forgot Your Bill

" Don't worry ! Your bill, Warranty Card is in your MAILBOX."

Communication Is Easy

"For any queries , CHAT with the merchant through your mobile/web. "

Your Data Is Safe

" All your loyalty cards are DIGITALLY stored in the cloud."

No Nuisance

"Receive notifications only when you DESIRE."

How WINGGZ works?

Download WINGGZ app... a fully customized app for all ages. It is simple and easy to use. All it takes is one tap.

Use app to get exclusive offers & earn reward points on your mobile itself. WINGGZ is great for keeping track of all your loyalty points.

To redeem your reward either get QR code scanned or share your WINGGZ customer ID at the billing counter.

The Benefits of WINGGZ

Saving money at the store is effortless when you have WINGGZ app in your mobile. Saving is even easier when offers, rewards are right at your fingertips. Easily browse ads & see whats on sale from your mobile.

Loyalty points that could be spent on clothings, decor or groceries are sitting unclaimed among the assortment of plastic cards stuffed away in your wallets. Redeem points at the store itself.

WINGGZ is the only digital loyalty rewards program that allows you to shop without giving personal data in public. Many of us donot like sharing personal details, we respect that.

Your cards are safely stored in WINGGZ. Carry your loyalty without weighing down your wallet . No more forgetting reward cards at home or holding up the checkout line while you dig through your wallet.

WINGGZ is a very practical way of helping shoppers support their local shops and restoring pride to their areas. Love your neighbourhood, Shop in your neighbourhood!

WINGGZ is easy to integrate into customers workday. It is driven by simplicity. It provides hassle-free memberships with zero maintenance. Reap the rewards of loyalty today.

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Winggz Loyalty App allows you to earn reward points from your favorite businesses. Just download & install the app & create your account. Start visiting your favorite restaurants, shops & other locations. Whenever you are there, check in on your smartphone or tablet & you will start earning reward points! Once you have collected enough points, redeem them for great discounts, freebies & other rewards!

We work for ALL business types.